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Marcoes Recycling

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Here at Marcoe's Recycling we are a private recycling and waste management company that has been taking care of the Oshkosh, Wisconsin area for over eighteen years now. We are a full service recycling center and processor. We have been helping both individuals and local businesses realize the true economic value from the recycling process. Whether you are recycling an old car battery, some left over scrap metals, or any other non-ferrous material, we can help you. Our all weather receiving and processing facility will be open for your use at convenient weekly hours. At our facility we want to provide you with the best possible service, while at the same time paying you the highest possible prices.

There are hundreds of items such as auto batteries, electric motors, aluminum rims, copper- bere bright, #1 and #2 insulated copper wire, and more that you could recycle and make a profit from. We offer a clean, safe, and convenient facility for the sale of your ferrous, and scrap material. Marcoe's Recycling is here to provide you with helpful and courteous service from friendly employees who will assist you in sorting and weighing your materials. They will then guide you to an automated cash payment booth. Our procedures allow you to quickly drop off your items and receive your cash. Our certified platform scales with visible weight displays for your verification of weights ensure that our services are always trustworthy. When it comes to Wisconsin recycling centers, Marcoe's is one of the best.

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